The Professional Home Inspection Institute is an approved Education Provider in Alberta. Our Canada Home Inspection Training course has been used by many Alberta home inspectors to achieve the training requirements necessary to practice.

There are four parts to PHII's AB certification:

Online Courses, proctored exams required. 204.5 hours:
(90 hours) - Basic
(32 hours) - Advanced
( 8 hours) - Defect Recognition
( 8 hours) - Environmental Hazards
(28.5 hours) - House framing
(14 hours) - Manufactured Home Inspection
(24 hours) - Weatherization & Insulation Remediation

Training Lab:
PHII’s 2 day live training lab begins with a review of major home systems and common defects. After this review, lab participants go out to and conduct actual, hands-on inspections on three homes. They each keep their own notes for use in the reporting section of the training lab. Upon completion of the inspections, participants return to the training facility and draft three inspection reports based on what they have observed. These reports are discussed openly, allowing the students to learn from each other.

Practical Exam:
The Canada Home Inspection Training exam has three components: an oral exam, on-site inspection and report review. The instructor will evaluate and provide feedback to the student at the completion of all components of the practical exam.

Peer-reviewed Test Inspection:
Following the criteria provided in the Test Inspection Policy, the student locates a suitable inspector to perform the peer-reviewed test inspection. Following all guidelines and policies in the Test Inspection Policy, the student will perform an inspection as arranged with the reviewer. The reviewer will evaluate the student and send this review to PHII. All required information and forms are provided to the student and reviewer.

For more information about Canada's home inspection training or Home Inspection School training in Alberta, feel free to call us at (800) 983-6322.